PETSHOW/Visual Branding

PETSHOW is a TV show which is broadcasted on Klan Kosova and produced by "MOMENTS".  Generally the TV show focuses on pets, mostly dogs, which is one of the reasons why I chose the dog as a symbol, the symbol also shows the shape of the letter P as the in Pet.


I believe that using a dog symbol is very suitable for the logo of this TV Show; besides informing people what the show is about it also brings good feelings to all viewers, especially those who love for animals.

It is important to mention that I did not want to choose a specific dog race, it is a general dog figure which brings viewers good emotions through its loveliness. Through research I have come to a conclusion to use gold since it a color which a lot of dogs have in common.


Wordmark (PETSHOW ) is composed of very simple letters with some curved edges on the right side to diminish "the seriousness" of excessive that is not suitable with the this spirit of this TV show, moreover it makes it look warmer and flexible.

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