“One pixel alone is not very visible. When united, they can reach the stars and back.“


Here at United Pixels we offer a space where creative minds can meet and share their knowledge with each other in order to expand as designers, and as humans, whether that be individually, or as a group. Think of it as a creative space where you can learn, but also have the opportunity to work in different projects and with different companies.


Our craft is storytelling through pixels. By telling a story we can help a business connect with its audience, and draw them as customers. In today’s world, pixels are the bridge between a buyer and a seller, therefore having the essential digital needs is crucial in expanding a business.


Through positivity, consistency, and healthy communication, United Pixels can help you and your associates cross the many pixel bridges that will level up a business.

Started as a young freelance designer, now the Leader of United Pixels

See all this text? That’s all me...

Turns boring tasks into fun activities!

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